1. The development of Selectfluor® as a commercial electrophilic fluorinating agent

    Eric Banks (Participant), Nicholas J. Lawrence (Participant), Mohamed K. Besheesh (Participant), Iqbal Sharif (Participant), Allan Popplewell (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts, Economic impacts

  2. The Big Picture Show: Depictions of Truce at the Imperial War Museum

    Tim Jacoby (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts

  3. Technology Transfer Healthcare-Rehabilitation Mat

    Patricia Scully (Collaborator), Emma Stanmore (Collaborator), Krikor Ozanyan (Collaborator)

    Impact: Health impacts, Technological impacts, Societal impacts

  4. Talking our Way out of Conflict

    Hilary Pilkington (Participant), Ajmal Hussain (Participant), Kelly Simcock (Participant)

    Impact: Societal impacts

  5. Synchronised Protection of Electrical Power Transmission Networks

    Peter Crossley (Participant), R Allan (Participant), H. Li (Participant), Mathaios Panteli (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts


    Rosalind Le Feuvre (Participant)


  7. Supporting multilingualism and community language needs

    Yaron Matras (Participant)

    Impact: Societal impacts, Health impacts, Technological impacts

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