1. Adjuvant therapy in melanoma

    Paul Lorigan (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts

  2. Administrative Justice and Asylum Appeals

    Robert Thomas (Participant)

    Impact: Legal impacts, Economic impacts, Political impacts, Societal impacts

  3. African States and Social Welfare in Africa

    Maia Green (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts, Societal impacts, Legal impacts

  4. Analysis of residual stress in aero engine fan blades

    Philip Withers (Participant), S Clitheroe (Participant), Alexander Evans (Participant), Christopher Gill (Participant), Andrew King (Participant), Wei Li (Participant), Mark Turski (Participant), Philipp Frankel (Participant), Michael Preuss (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts

  5. Antibodies to ACTH and related hormones as diagnostic tools

    Anne White (Participant), David Ray (Participant), Steve Crosby (Participant), Sarah Gibson (Participant), Alan Talbot (Participant), Lynn Pritchard (Participant), Rachel Stovold (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Health impacts, Societal impacts, Technological impacts

  6. Antimicrobial peptides

    Jian Lu (Participant)


  7. Application of environmentally friendly and fire-safe transformer liquids

    Zhongdong Wang (Participant), Qiang Liu (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Environmental impacts

  8. Assessment of patient experience of NHS primary care services

    Peter Bower (Participant), Stephen Campbell (Participant), Sudeh Cheraghi-Sohi (Participant), Nicola Mead (Participant), David Reeves (Participant), Martin Roland (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts

  9. Assessment tools and the impact on learners’ ‘understanding and use’ of mathematics in schools, colleges and higher education

    Laura Black (Participant), Valerie Farnsworth (Participant), Paul Hernandez-Martinez (Participant), Graeme Hutcheson (Participant), Maria Pampaka (Participant), Birgit Pepin (Participant), Alexandra Petridou (Participant), Pauline Prevett (Participant), J.T. Ryan (Participant), Geoffrey Wake (Participant), Julian Williams (Participant), Lawrence Wo (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Societal impacts

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