1. The University of Manchester’s role in establishing nationally funded forefront services for neurofibromatoses

    Dafydd Evans (Participant), Richard Ramsden (Participant), Susan Huson (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts, Economic impacts, Societal impacts

  2. The Utopia Suite: realising semantic knowledge discovery and data linkage in the publishing and pharmaceutical industries

    Terri Attwood (Participant), Stephen Pettifer (Participant), James Sinnott (Participant), David Thorne (Participant), James Marsh (Participant), Philip Mcdermott (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts

  3. Training of students on water quality assessments in Myanmar

    Cecilia Medupin (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental impacts, Societal impacts, Economic impacts

  4. Transfer of laser research and development to spin-out companies, Lynton Lasers Ltd and Laser Quantum Ltd

    Terry King (Participant), Mark Dickinson (Participant), Jonathan Exley (Participant), Andrew Charlton (Participant), Andrew Berry (Participant), Lawrie A W Gloster (Participant), Alan Cox (Participant), Steve Lane (Participant), Daniel Coleman (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts

  5. Translational Drug Disposition: Enabling the Move Away from One Dose for All

    Amin Rostami-Hochaghan (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Economic impacts, Health impacts, Political impacts, Technological impacts

  6. UK Reactors Safety and Life Extension

    Barry Marsden (Participant), Paul Mummery (Participant), Graham Hall (Participant), Abbie Jones (Participant), Tony Wickham (Participant), Ernie Eason (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts

  7. United Nations Environment Panel

    Lesley Rhodes (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental impacts, Health impacts