1. Modernisation of teaching German as a foreign language

    Martin Durrell (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts

  2. Socio-economic Mapping of Cadbury Cocoa-Chocolate Value Chains

    Stephanie Barrientos (Participant), K. Asenso-Okyere (Participant), Amanda Berlan (Participant), Sukphal Singh (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Environmental impacts, Societal impacts

  3. Reform Capacity and the Core Executive in Greece

    Dimitris Papadimitriou (Participant), Kevin Featherstone (Participant)

    Impact: Political impacts, Economic impacts

  4. Development of heritage in Orkney

    Colin Richards (Participant)

    Impact: Legal impacts, Societal impacts

  5. Salford Process Reengineering Involving New Technology

    Peter Kawalek (Participant), D. G. Wastell (Participant), Brian Warboys (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts, Societal impacts

  6. ACT NoW: Clinical guidelines for stroke services

    Audrey Bowen (Participant), Linda Davies (Participant), Alys Young (Participant), Matthew Lambon Ralph (Participant), Andy Vail (Participant), Anne Hesketh (Participant), Philippa Tyrrell (Participant), Emma Patchwood (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Health impacts, Societal impacts

  7. The Rylands Cairo Genizah Project: Conserving, Presenting and Interpreting a Cultural Asset

    Philip Alexander (Participant), Stella Butler (Participant), Renate Smithuis (Participant), Judah Abel (Participant), Gideon Bohak (Participant), Ezra Chwat (Participant), Mark Cohen (Participant), Sagit Butbul (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts

  8. Improving the lives of Romani migrants in Western Europe

    Yaron Matras (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts

  9. Promoting recognition and status of the Romani language

    Yaron Matras (Participant), Dieter Halwachs (Participant), Peter Bakker (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts

  10. Number and recursion: the popular understanding of language

    Daniel Everett (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts