1. African States and Social Welfare in Africa

    Maia Green (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts, Societal impacts, Legal impacts

  2. BRITEST – Best Route Innovative Technology Evaluation and Selection Techniques

    Paul Sharratt (Participant), Kevin Wall (Participant), John Garside (Participant), Roger Davey (Participant), Naheed Sadr-Kazemi (Participant), Aruna Bandara Manipura (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts

  3. The Mirror of Health: Medical Science during the Golden Age of Islam

    Peter Pormann (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Health impacts

  4. Active Shape and Appearance Models

    Chris Taylor (Participant), Timothy Cootes (Participant), James Graham (Participant), Carole Twining (Participant), Gareth Edwards (Participant), Rhodri Davies (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts, Health impacts, Cultural impacts

  5. Mathematical Software for the Nearest Correlation Matrix

    Nicholas Higham (Participant), Rudiger Borsdorf (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts

  6. Novel Statistical Methods for Optimising Production of Disc Brake Pads

    Alexander Donev (Participant), Liam Brown (Participant), Sergio Loeza-Serrano (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts

  7. Mapping the impact of immigration in Greater Manchester

    Laurence Brown (Participant), Tomas Balkelis (Participant), Kofi Owusu (Participant), Niall Cunningham (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Economic impacts, Societal impacts

  8. Raising the public and professional recognition of Mieczysław Weinberg

    David Fanning (Participant), Marc Danel (Participant), Giles Millet (Participant), Vlad Bogdanas (Participant), Guy Danel (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts

  9. Reconstructing ancient faces

    Andrew Prag (Participant), R A H Neave (Participant), Terence Brown (Participant), R.W. Stoddart (Participant), J.H. Musgrave (Participant), Argyro Nafplioti (Participant), O.T.P.K. Dickinson (Participant), Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts

  10. Changing public policy and professional practice through researching equity within schools and education systems

    Melvin Ainscow (Participant), David Dyson (Participant), Susan Goldrick (Participant), Andrew Howes (Participant), Helen Gunter (Participant), Denis Mongon (Participant), Roland Muijs (Participant), Carlo Raffo (Participant), Melvyn West (Participant)

    Impact: Societal impacts

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