Public procurement of innovation - broadening and deepening of impact

Impact: Political impacts


Based on continuous work on public procurement of innovation, I have been invited to advice the Austrian stakeholders working on the National Procurement Strategy several times, including a formative evaluation of that strategy in 2017-2018. In addition I have co-authored (lead Elvira Uyarra) a report for the INter-American Development Bank and on top of that gave two lectures (Washington, Bogota) to IDB policy makers and to representatives of all Latin American countries on the issue, the EU Commission designed a new instrument to support innovation procurement across Europe drawing on my Research Policy Article (with Yeow), I also participated in a brainstorm they organised and was interviewed subsequently to further help design the instrument, the OECD drew extensively on my work for their key report on demand public procurement: Measuring the link between public procurement and innovation, DSTI/EAS/STP/NESTI(2014)17 .

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  • Political impacts
2015 - 2018

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