Impact on the Statistical Confidentiality Practices of Data Stewardship Organisations

Impact: Economic impacts, Societal impacts


Research at the University of Manchester (UoM) has developed new approaches, methods and algorithms to improve the statistical confidentiality practices of data stewardship organisations (DSOs), such as the UK’s Office for National Statistics. The research and its products have had significant impacts on data dissemination practice, both in the UK and internationally, and have been adopted by national statistical agencies, government departments and private companies. The primary beneficiaries of this work are DSOs, who are able to both disseminate useful data products, and protect respondent confidentiality more effectively. Secondary beneficiaries are respondents, whose confidentiality is better protected, and the research community, as without ‘gold standard’ disclosure risk analysis, data holders can be overcautious.

Category of impact

  • Economic impacts
  • Societal impacts

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