Aviation, Policy and Climate Change

Impact: Economic, Environmental, Society and culture, Technological, Policy


Tyndall-Manchester’s research into UK aviation emissions was instrumental in overturning the prevailing orthodoxy, which regarded aviation as an unproblematic, small source of greenhouse gas emissions. Identifying drivers of growth and key characteristics of aviation’s emerging emissions trajectory demonstrated that aviation could soon dominate national emissions if left unchecked. Tyndall-Manchester’s research contributed to aviation’s inclusion in sub-national, national and international climate policies. Specifically, it was highly influential in debates leading to including international aviation in the UK’s 2050 emissions target; bringing aviation into the European Union’s Emission Trading System. It continues to inform debate around future UK airport expansion, and is used to guide campaigning objectives of major environmental NGOs and lobby groups.

Category of impact

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Society and culture
  • Technological
  • Policy

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