The University of Manchester


  1. (De-)Stabilising effects of a transition

    , University of Manchester, 2 Feb 2018, 10.17632/7vpvkcghxv.1


  2. <i>Co</i>-<i>Producing Mobilities</i>: negotiating geographical knowledge in a conference session on the move

    Cook, S. (Creator), Davidson, A. (Creator), Stratford, E. (Creator), Middleton, J. (Creator), Plyushteva, A. (Creator), Fitt, H. (Creator), Cranston, S. (Creator), Simpson, P. (Creator), Delaney, H. (Creator), Evans, K. (Creator), Jones, A. (Creator), Kershaw, J. (Creator), Williams, N. (Creator), Bissell, D. (Creator), Duncan, T. (Creator), Sengers, F. (Creator), Elvy, J. (Creator), Wilmott, C. (Creator), figshare , 1 Mar 2016, 10.6084/m9.figshare.3078268


  3. 100 3D Body Scans

    , Mendeley Data, 21 Jun 2017, 10.17632/xgrcptfpwt.1


  4. 13C satellite-free 1H NMR spectra

    Phillips, A. (Creator), Coombes, S. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 26 Oct 2017, 10.17632/29y4xynz34.2


  5. 1H and 19F NMR in drug stress testing: the case of voriconazole

    Nilsson, M. (Creator), Morris, G. (Creator), University of Manchester, 30 Jun 2027


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