School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering


  1. Reducing climate change caused by shipping and aviation

    Alice Larkin (Participant), Kevin Anderson (Participant), Sarah Mander (Participant), Ruth Wood (Participant), John Broderick (Participant), Conor Walsh (Participant), Paul Gilbert (Participant) & Michael Traut (Participant)

    Impact: Policy, Environmental

  2. Empowering local climate change action and shaping local authority policy through adoption of carbon budgets

    Carly McLachlan (Participant), Alice Larkin (Participant), Kevin Anderson (Participant), Jaise Kuriakose (Participant), John Broderick (Participant), Christopher Jones (Participant), Sarah Mander (Participant) & Ruth Wood (Participant)

    Impact: Policy, Environmental

  3. Providing the Scientific Foundations to Build a Sustainable Low Carbon UK Bioenergy Sector

    Andrew Welfle (Participant), Elizabeth Thornley (Participant), Mirjam Roeder (Participant) & Paul Gilbert (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental, Policy

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