The largest School of our kind in Europe, we have the highest research power level of any university materials activity in the UK, with 80% of our research rated as being internationally excellent or world leading in quality.

Much of the School's research is multidisciplinary, and students from a variety of science and engineering backgrounds, such as physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering, can apply their first degree to a project dealing with important real-life issues. The research is industry-driven, finding direct application in meeting the needs of the School's industrial partners.

The School's research is organised into seven research groupings, although research projects often involve researchers in other groups, other schools, other universities and industry.

  1. Biomaterials
  2. Ceramics and Inorganics
  3. Corrosion and Protection
  4. Design, Fashion, Business
  5. Engineering and Process Metallurgy
  6. Polymers, Composites and Carbon
  7. Textile Technology

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Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

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