School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  1. Molecular Beam Epitaxy applied to quantum devices for industrial applications

    Mohamed Missous (Participant), Novak Farrington (Participant), Nassim Haned (Participant), Mohammad Alduraibi (Participant), B Boudejelida (Participant) & James Sexton (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Technological

  2. Application of environmentally friendly and fire-safe transformer liquids

    Zhongdong Wang (Participant) & Qiang Liu (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Environmental, Policy

  3. Reducing usage of fossil-oil-based insulating liquids in power transformers to deliver environmental, safety, and financial benefits.

    Zhongdong Wang (Participant), Qiang Liu (Participant), Bangama Senasingha H Matharage (Participant) & Paul Jarman (Participant)

    Impact: Society and culture, Economic, Policy, Environmental

  4. Improved designs of high voltage overhead lines enable increased transmission capacity, providing environmental and financial benefits

    Simon Rowland (Participant), Ian Cotton (Participant), Iain Dupere (Participant), Kostas Kopsidas (Participant), Vidyadhar Peesapati (Participant), Roger Shuttleworth (Participant), Jeffrey Robertson (Participant) & Antonios Tzimas (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental, Economic

  5. Financial and environmental benefits through the development and transfer of control and monitoring technology in the process industries

    Barry Lennox (Participant), Ognjen Marjanovic (Participant), Matthew Mcewan (Participant) & Marie O'Brien (Participant)

    Impact: Policy, Economic, Environmental

  6. Technology Transfer Healthcare-Rehabilitation Mat

    Patricia Scully (Collaborator), Emma Stanmore (Collaborator) & Krikor Ozanyan (Collaborator)

    Impact: Technological, Health and wellbeing, Society and culture

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