School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science


  1. MULTISENSORS – Noncontact water pollution monitoring

    Krishna Persaud (Participant), Peter Payne (Participant), Soad Mohialdin-Khaffaf (Participant), Richard M. Dowdeswell (Participant), Peter Wareham (Participant), Neville Woodyatt (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Environmental impacts, Societal impacts, Technological impacts

  2. Carbon Calculations over the Life Cycle of Industrial Activities (CCaLC)

    Adisa Azapagic (Participant), Heinz Stichnothe (Participant), Haruna Gujba (Participant), Namy Espinoza-Orias (Participant), Harish Jeswani (Participant), David Amienyo (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Environmental impacts, Economic impacts, Societal impacts

  3. CPI – Centre for Process Integration

    Robin Smith (Participant), Gavin Towler (Participant), Megan Jobson (Participant), Nan Zhang (Participant), Simon Perry (Participant), Nii Asante (Participant), Joao Alves (Participant), Mi Saine Aye (Participant), Lu Chen (Participant), Petar Varbanov (Participant), Yogesh Makwana (Participant), Fang Liu (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Economic impacts

  4. BRITEST – Best Route Innovative Technology Evaluation and Selection Techniques

    Paul Sharratt (Participant), Kevin Wall (Participant), John Garside (Participant), Roger Davey (Participant), Naheed Sadr-Kazemi (Participant), Aruna Bandara Manipura (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts

  5. Development and exploitation of a buckminsterfullerene, C60+ based primary ion beam system for secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)

    John Vickerman (Participant), Nicholas Lockyer (Participant), Daniel Weibel (Participant), Stephen Wong (Participant)

    Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts, Health impacts

  6. Technology Transfer Healthcare-Rehabilitation Mat

    Patricia Scully (Collaborator), Emma Stanmore (Collaborator), Krikor Ozanyan (Collaborator)

    Impact: Health impacts, Technological impacts, Societal impacts

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