School of Biological Sciences


  1. Glu.Pro V1.0 Database: Gluten Protein Sequence Database

    Bromilow, S. (Creator), Daly, M. (Creator), University of Manchester, 7 Apr 2017, 10.15127/1.308603


  2. High levels of biomarkers of collagen remodeling are associated with increased mortality in COPD – results from the ECLIPSE study

    Sand, J. M. B. (Creator), Leeming, D. J. (Creator), Byrjalsen, I. (Creator), Bihlet, A. R. (Creator), Lange, P. (Creator), Tal-Singer, R. (Creator), Miller, B. E. (Creator), Karsdal, M. A. (Creator), Vestbo, J. (Creator), figshare , 4 Oct 2016, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3596768


  3. Human Embryonic Multi-tissue ChIP-seq (Manchester)

    Gerrard, D. (Creator), The European Genome-phenome Archive, 2019


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