School of Biological Sciences


  1. High levels of biomarkers of collagen remodeling are associated with increased mortality in COPD – results from the ECLIPSE study

    Sand, J. M. B. (Creator), Leeming, D. J. (Creator), Byrjalsen, I. (Creator), Bihlet, A. R. (Creator), Lange, P. (Creator), Tal-Singer, R. (Creator), Miller, B. E. (Creator), Karsdal, M. A. (Creator), Vestbo, J. (Creator), figshare , 4 Oct 2016, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3596768


  2. Improving the effectiveness of psychological interventions for depression and anxiety in the cardiac rehabilitation pathway using group-based metacognitive therapy (PATHWAY Group MCT): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

    Wells, A. (Creator), McNicol, K. (Creator), Reeves, D. (Creator), Salmon, P. (Creator), Davies, L. (Creator), Heagerty, A. (Creator), Doherty, P. (Creator), Mcphillips, R. (Creator), Anderson, R. (Creator), Faija, C. (Creator), Capobianco, L. (Creator), Wilson, H. (Creator), Gaffney, H. (Creator), Shields, G. (Creator), Fisher, P. (Creator), figshare , 3 Apr 2018, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.4058213


  3. Breast cancer risk in a screening cohort of Asian and white British/Irish women from Manchester UK

    Evans, D. (Creator), Brentnall, A. (Creator), Harvie, M. (Creator), Astley, S. (Creator), Harkness, E. (Creator), Stavrinos, P. (Creator), Donnelly, L. (Creator), Sampson, S. (Creator), Idries, F. (Creator), Watterson, D. (Creator), Cuzick, J. (Creator), Wilson, M. (Creator), Jain, A. (Creator), Harrison, F. (Creator), Maxwell, A. (Creator), Howell, T. (Creator), figshare , 25 Jan 2018, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3987780


  4. A live cell assay of GPCR coupling allows identification of optogenetic tools for controlling Go and Gi signaling

    Ballister, E. (Creator), Rodgers, J. (Creator), Martial, F. (Creator), Lucas, R. (Creator), figshare , 16 Jan 2018, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3978150


  5. Genetic variants of prospectively demonstrated phenocopies in BRCA1/2 kindreds

    Dominguez Valentin, M. (Creator), Evans, D. (Creator), Nakken, S. (Creator), Tubeuf, H. (Creator), Vodak, D. (Creator), Ekstrøm, P. O. (Creator), Nissen, A. M. (Creator), Morak, M. (Creator), Holinski-Feder, E. (Creator), Martins, A. (Creator), Møller, P. (Creator), Hovig, E. (Creator), figshare , 15 Jan 2018, 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3977022


  6. Supplementary Material for: Sun Protection Behavior in Organ Transplant Recipients in Queensland, Australia

    Iannacone, M. R. (Creator), Iannacone, M. R. (Creator), Pandeya, N. (Creator), Isbel, N. (Creator), Campbell, S. (Creator), Fawcett, J. (Creator), Soyer , H. P. (Creator), Ferguson, L. (Creator), Davis, M. (Creator), Whiteman, D. C. (Creator), Green, A. (Creator), figshare , 2017, 10.6084/m9.figshare.5128708


  7. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - frontotemporal spectrum disorder (ALS-FTSD): Revised diagnostic criteria

    Strong, M. J. (Creator), Abrahams, S. (Creator), Goldstein, L. H. (Creator), Woolley, S. (Creator), Mclaughlin, P. (Creator), Snowden, J. (Creator), Mioshi, E. (Creator), Roberts-South, A. (Creator), Benatar, M. (Creator), Hortobágyi, T. (Creator), Rosenfeld, J. (Creator), Silani, V. (Creator), Ince, P. G. (Creator), Turner, M. R. (Creator), figshare , 2 Feb 2017, 10.6084/m9.figshare.4609483


  8. Figure 3 In Macropelopia Nebulosa Group (Diptera, Chironomidae, Tanypodinae) — Karyotype And Morphology Of Larvae And Pupae

    Michailova, P. (Creator), Kownacki, A. (Creator), Woźnicka, O. (Creator), White, K. (Creator), Dean, A. (Creator), Szarek-Gwiazda, E. (Creator), Zenodo, 2014, 10.5281/zenodo.249592


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