Institute for Health Policy and Organisation

Institute for Health Policy and Organisation (IHPO) brings together academics staff from the Faculty of Humanities (FoH) and Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (FBMH).

IHPO influences healthcare policy and organisation through world-leading interdisciplinary research. The institute is built around three broad themes:

  • Organisation and workforce:  health and care policy and its impact upon service organisation and the health and care workforce
  • Regulation and leadership: how health and social care is led and governed, including internal and external systems of regulation for holding organisations and individual professionals to account for the quality and safety of services
  • Health and care in the wider context: how health and care policy are impacted by social, political and economic contexts

Institute members work closely with healthcare providers and commissioners, regulatory and professional bodies, national and local government departments, policy makers, think tanks, third sector organisations, community groups and other stakeholders. We create ongoing conversations and projects with a range of stakeholders and are proactively looking for organisations to partner with on our many research projects.


Institute Directors

Prof Kath Checkland

Prof Catherine Robinson 


News and events

For more information on ongoing activities within the Institute: 

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