Division of Dentistry (L5)


  1. Promoting oral health in medically compromised patients to improve patient outcomes

    Anne-Marie Glenny (Participant), Helen Worthington (Participant), Janet Clarkson (Participant), Philip Riley (Participant) & Martin Mccabe (Participant)

    Impact: Health and wellbeing

  2. Optimising patient care for the prevention of dental caries

    Anne-Marie Glenny (Participant), Helen Worthington (Participant), Janet Clarkson (Participant) & Tanya Walsh (Participant)

    Impact: Health and wellbeing, Society and culture, Attitudes and behaviours, Awareness and understanding

  3. Transforming referral management in oral surgery

    Iain Pretty (Participant), Tanya Walsh (Participant), Martin Tickle (Participant), Caroline Sanders (Participant), Paul Coulthard (Participant), Joanna Goldthorpe (Participant), Harry Hill (Participant) & Stephen Birch (Participant)

    Impact: Technological impacts, Health and wellbeing, Economic

  4. The global impact of gene identification at the University of Manchester

    Andrew Read (Participant), Mayada Tassabehji (Participant), Michael Dixon (Participant), Graeme Black (Participant), Jill Clayton-Smith (Participant), William Newman (Participant), Yanick Crow (Participant), Nalin Thakkar (Participant), Michael Briggs (Participant) & Stuart Pickering-Brown (Participant)

    Impact: Health impacts, Economic impacts, Societal impacts

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