Department of Physics & Astronomy


  1. ZZ→ℓ⁺ℓ⁻ℓ′⁺ℓ′⁻ cross-section measurements and search for anomalous triple gauge couplings in 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

    Bethani, A. (Creator), Bielski, R. (Creator), Connelly, I. (Creator), Cox, B. (Creator), Da Via, C. (Creator), Dann, N. (Creator), Forcolin, G. (Creator), Forti, A. (Creator), Howarth, J. (Creator), Lack, D. (Creator), Loebinger, F. (Creator), Marsden, S. (Creator), Masik, J. (Creator), Menary, S. (Creator), Munoz Sanchez, F. (Creator), Oh, A. (Creator), Pater, J. (Creator), Peters, Y. (Creator), Pilkington, A. (Creator), Pin, A. (Creator), Price, D. (Creator), Qin, Y. (Creator), Raine, J. (Creator), Rawling, J. (Creator), Roberts, R. (Creator), Shaw, S. (Creator), Tomlinson, L. (Creator), Watts, S. (Creator), Wilk, F. (Creator), Wyatt, T. (Creator), The ATLAS Collaboration (Creator), HEPData, 2018, 10.17182/hepdata.82224


  2. Ultrafast charge dynamics in dispersions of atomically-thin MoS2 nanosheets

    Kime, G. (Creator), Leontiadou, M. (Creator), Savjani, N. (Creator), Brent, J. (Creator), O'Brien, P. (Creator), Binks, D. (Creator), University of Manchester, 7 Jul 2016, 10.15127/1.302165


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