Three Jet production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA


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DESY-HERA. Measurement of cross sections for 3-Jet production in deep inelastic E+ P collisions of 27.5 GeV positrons with 820 GeV protons at c.m. energy of 300 GeV. The data come from the 1995-97 running period with a total integratedluminosity of 54 pb-1. The data cover the kinetic range in Q**2 from 5 to 5000 GeV**2 and 3-Jet masses from 25 to 140 GeV. Jets are reconstructed in the Breit frame using the inclusive KT algorithm with the parameter R0 = 1. The clusteringis done in the ET recombination scheme.
Date made available2001

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