1. Accuracy of risk scales for predicting repeat self-harm and suicide: a multicentre, population-level cohort study using routine clinical data

    Steeg, S. (Contributor), Quinlivan, L. (Contributor), Nowland, R. (Contributor), Carroll, R. J. (Contributor), Casey, D. (Contributor), Clements, C. (Contributor), Cooper, J. (Contributor), Davies, L. (Contributor), Knipe, D. (Contributor), Ness, J. (Contributor), O’connor, R. C. (Contributor), Hawton, K. (Contributor), Gunnell, D. (Contributor) & Kapur, N. (Contributor), figshare , 25 Apr 2018


  2. Adaptation of the Quality Indicator for Rehabilitative Care (QuIRC) for use in mental health supported accommodation services (QuIRC-SA)

    Killaspy, H. (Contributor), White, S. (Contributor), Dowling, S. (Contributor), Krotofil, J. (Contributor), Mcpherson, P. (Contributor), Sandhu, S. (Contributor), Arbuthnott, M. (Contributor), Curtis, S. (Contributor), Leavey, G. (Contributor), Priebe, S. (Contributor), Shepherd, G. (Contributor) & King, M. (Contributor), figshare , 14 Apr 2016


  3. Additional File 1:

    Laidley, H. M. (Contributor), Noble, D. J. (Contributor), Barnett, G. C. (Contributor), Forman, J. R. (Contributor), Bates, A. M. (Contributor), Benson, R. J. (Contributor), Jefferies, S. J. (Contributor), Jena, R. (Contributor) & Burnet, N. (Contributor), figshare , 4 May 2018


  4. Adjuvant trastuzumab duration trials in HER2 positive breast cancer – what results would be practice-changing? Persephone investigator questionnaire prior to primary endpoint results

    Hiller, L. (Creator), Dunn, J. A. (Creator), Loi, S. (Creator), Vallier, A. L. (Creator), Howe, D. L. (Creator), Cameron, D. A. (Creator), Miles, D. (Creator), Wardley, A. (Creator) & Earl, H. M. (Creator), figshare , 5 Apr 2018


  5. Aggradational lobe fringes: the influence of subtle intrabasinal seabed topography on sediment gravity flow processes and lobe stacking patterns

    Spychala, Y. T. (Contributor), Hodgson, D. M. (Contributor), Stevenson, C. (Contributor) & Flint, S. (Contributor), Open Science Framework, 1 Jan 2018


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