1. A measurement of the ratio of the W and Z cross sections with exactly one associated jet in pp collisions at √s =7 TeV with ATLAS

    Cox, B. (Contributor), Da Via, C. (Contributor), Forti, A. (Contributor), Loebinger, F. (Contributor), Masik, J. (Contributor), Oh, A. (Contributor), Pater, J. (Contributor), Peters, Y. (Contributor), Pilkington, A. (Contributor), Price, D. (Contributor), Qin, Y. (Contributor), Shaw, S. (Contributor), Watts, S. (Contributor), Wyatt, T. (Contributor) & The ATLAS Collaboration (Contributor), HEPData, 4 Jan 2012


  2. A mixed-methods feasibility and external pilot study to inform a large pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the effects of surgical wound dressing strategies on surgical site infections (Bluebelle Phase B): study protocol for a randomised control [...]

    Reeves, B. C. (Contributor), Andronis, L. (Contributor), Blazeby, J. M. (Contributor), Blencowe, N. S. (Contributor), Calvert, M. (Contributor), Coast, J. (Contributor), Draycott, T. (Contributor), Donovan, J. L. (Contributor), Gooberman-Hill, R. (Contributor), Longman, R. J. (Contributor), Magill, L. (Contributor), Mathers, J. M. (Contributor), Pinkney, T. D. (Contributor), Rogers, C. A. (Contributor), Rooshenas, L. (Contributor), Torrance, A. (Contributor), Welton, N. J. (Contributor), Woodward, M. (Contributor), Ashton, K. (Contributor), Bera, K. D. (Contributor), Clayton, G. L. (Contributor), Culliford, L. A. (Contributor), Dumville, J. (Contributor), Elliott, D. (Contributor), Ellis, L. (Contributor), Gould-Brown, H. (Contributor), Macefield, R. C. (Contributor), McMullan, C. (Contributor), Pope, C. (Contributor), Siassakos, D. (Contributor), Strong, S. (Contributor) & Talbot, H. M. (Contributor), figshare , 29 Aug 2017


  3. A modeling study of functional magnetic resonance imaging to individualize target definition of seminal vesicles for external beam radiotherapy

    Damkjaer, S. (Creator), Thomsen, J. B. (Creator), Petersen, S. I. (Creator), Bangsgaard, J. P. (Creator), Petersen, P. M. (Creator), Vogelius, I. R. (Creator) & Aznar, M. (Creator), figshare , 15 Mar 2017


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