1. A modeling study of functional magnetic resonance imaging to individualize target definition of seminal vesicles for external beam radiotherapy

    Damkjaer, S. (Creator), Thomsen, J. B. (Creator), Petersen, S. I. (Creator), Bangsgaard, J. P. (Creator), Petersen, P. M. (Creator), Vogelius, I. R. (Creator) & Aznar, M. (Creator), figshare , 15 Mar 2017


  2. A pragmatic randomised controlled trial assessing the non-inferiority of counselling for depression versus cognitive-behaviour therapy for patients in primary care meeting a diagnosis of moderate or severe depression (PRaCTICED): Study protocol for a [...]

    Saxon, D. (Contributor), Ashley, K. (Contributor), Bishop-Edwards, L. (Contributor), Connell, J. (Contributor), Harrison, P. (Contributor), Ohlsen, S. (Contributor), Hardy, G. E. (Contributor), Kellett, S. (Contributor), Mukuria, C. (Contributor), Mank, T. (Contributor), Bower, P. (Contributor), Bradburn, M. (Contributor), Brazier, J. (Contributor), Elliott, R. (Contributor), Gabriel, L. (Contributor), King, M. (Contributor), Pilling, S. (Contributor), Shaw, S. (Contributor), Waller, G. (Contributor) & Barkham, M. (Contributor), figshare , 1 Mar 2017


  3. A Precise measurement of the tau polarization at LEP-1

    Parkes, C. (Creator) & The Delphi Collaboration (Creator), HEPData, 2000


  4. A prototypical non-malignant epithelial model to study genome dynamics and concurrently monitor micro-RNAs and proteins in situ during oncogene-induced senescence

    Komseli, E. (Creator), Pateras, I. (Creator), Krejsgaard, T. (Creator), Stawiski, K. (Creator), Rizou, S. V. (Creator), Polyzos, A. (Creator), Roumelioti, F. (Creator), Chiourea, M. (Creator), Mourkioti, I. (Creator), Paparouna, E. (Creator), Zampetidis, C. P. (Creator), Gumeni, S. (Creator), Trougakos, I. (Creator), Pefani, D. (Creator), O'Neill, E. (Creator), Gagos, S. (Creator), Eliopoulos, A. (Creator), Fendler, W. (Creator), Chowdhury, D. (Creator), Bartek, J. (Creator) & Gorgoulis, V. (Creator), figshare , 10 Jan 2018


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