1. A comparison of control banding tools for nanomaterials

    Jiménez, A. S. (Creator), Varet, J. (Creator), Poland, C. A. (Creator), Fern, G. J. (Creator), Hankin, S. M. (Creator) & Van Tongeren, M. (Creator), figshare , 17 Jun 2016


  2. A comparison of five methods of measuring mammographic density: a case-control study

    Astley, S. (Contributor), Harkness, E. (Contributor), Sergeant, J. (Contributor), Warwick, J. (Contributor), Stavrinos, P. (Contributor), Warren, R. (Contributor), Wilson, M. (Contributor), Beetles, U. (Contributor), Gadde, S. (Contributor), Lim, Y. (Contributor), Jain, A. (Contributor), Bundred, S. (Contributor), Barr, N. (Contributor), Reece, V. (Contributor), Brentnall, A. R. (Contributor), Cuzick, J. (Contributor), Howell, T. (Contributor) & Evans, D. (Contributor), figshare , 5 Feb 2018


  3. A design of a fixed bed plasma DRIFTS cell for studying the NTP-assisted heterogeneously catalysed reactions

    Stere, C. (Creator), Chansai, S. (Creator), Gholami-Shahrestani, R. (Creator), Wangkawong, K. (Creator), Singhania, A. (Creator), Goguet, A. (Creator), Inceesungvorn, B. (Creator) & Hardacre, C. (Creator), figshare , 31 Jan 2020


  4. A feasibility study for NOn-Traditional providers to support the management of Elderly People with Anxiety and Depression: The NOTEPAD study Protocol

    Burroughs, H. (Contributor), Bartlam, B. (Contributor), Ray, M. (Contributor), Kingstone, T. (Contributor), Shepherd, T. A. (Contributor), Ogollah, R. (Contributor), Proctor, J. (Contributor), Waheed, W. (Contributor), Bower, P. (Contributor), Bullock, P. (Contributor), Lovell, K. (Contributor), Gilbody, S. (Contributor), Bailey, D. (Contributor), Butler-Whalley, S. (Contributor) & Chew-Graham, C. (Contributor), figshare , 7 Mar 2018


  5. A live cell assay of GPCR coupling allows identification of optogenetic tools for controlling Go and Gi signaling

    Ballister, E. (Creator), Rodgers, J. (Creator), Martial, F. (Creator) & Lucas, R. (Creator), figshare , 16 Jan 2018


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