1. Bio-butanol as fuel for direct alcohol fuel cells - investigation of sn modified pt catalyst for butanol electro-oxidation. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces

    Puthiyapura, V. K. (Contributor), University of Manchester, 23 Oct 2017


  2. Biodiversity and environmental context predict dung beetle-mediated seed dispersal in a tropical forest field experiment

    Griffiths, H. M. (Creator), Louzada, J. (Creator), Bardgett, R. (Creator), Beiroz, W. (Creator), Franca, F. (Creator), Tregidgo, D. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), figshare , 10 Aug 2016


  3. Breast cancer risk in a screening cohort of Asian and white British/Irish women from Manchester UK

    Evans, D. (Creator), Brentnall, A. (Creator), Harvie, M. (Creator), Astley, S. (Creator), Harkness, E. (Creator), Stavrinos, P. (Creator), Donnelly, L. (Creator), Sampson, S. (Creator), Idries, F. (Creator), Watterson, D. (Creator), Cuzick, J. (Creator), Wilson, M. (Creator), Jain, A. (Creator), Harrison, F. (Creator), Maxwell, A. (Creator), Howell, T. (Creator), figshare , 25 Jan 2018


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