1. BAMQL: a query language for extracting reads from BAM files

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  2. Barwell - 2018 EPSL Paper

    Crowther, S. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 28 Nov 2017


  3. Bedtime routines child wellbeing & development

    Kitsaras, G. (Creator), Goodwin, M. (Creator), Allan, J. (Creator), Kelly, M. (Creator), Pretty, I. (Creator), figshare , 21 Mar 2018


  4. Behavioral activation for smoking cessation and mood management following a cardiac event: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial

    Busch, A. M. (Creator), Tooley, E. (Creator), Dunsiger, S. (Creator), Chattillion, E. A. (Creator), Srour, J. F. (Creator), Pagoto, S. L. (Creator), Kahler, C. W. (Creator), Borrelli, B. (Creator), figshare , 17 Apr 2017


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