1. Supplementary Material for: Management of Functional Somatic Syndromes and Bodily Distress

    Henningsen, P. (Creator), Zipfel, S. (Creator), Sattel, H. (Creator), Creed, F. (Creator), figshare , 5 Jan 2018


  2. Supplementary Material for: Everolimus in Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Unknown Primary

    Singh, S. (Creator), Carnaghi, C. (Creator), Buzzoni, R. (Creator), Pommier, R. F. (Creator), Raderer, M. (Creator), Tomasek, J. (Creator), Lahner, H. (Creator), Valle, J. (Creator), Voi, M. (Creator), Bubuteishvili-Pacaud, L. (Creator), Lincy, J. (Creator), Wolin, E. (Creator), Okita, N. (Creator), Libutti, S. K. (Creator), Oh, D. (Creator), Kulke, M. (Creator), Strosberg, J. (Creator), Yao, J. C. (Creator), Pavel, M. E. (Creator), Fazio, N. (Creator), figshare , 18 Jul 2017


  3. Supplementary Material for: Effectiveness of Collaborative Stepped Care for Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

    Muntingh, A. (Creator), van der Feltz-Cornelis, C. M. (Creator), Van Marwijk, H. (Creator), Spinhoven, P. (Creator), Assendelft, W. (Creator), de Waal, M. W. (Creator), Ader, H. (Creator), van Balkom, A. (Creator), figshare , 19 Nov 2013


  4. Supplementary Material for: Allergen-Induced Increases in Interleukin-25 and Interleukin-25 Receptor Expression in Mature Eosinophils from Atopic Asthmatics

    Tang, W. (Creator), Smith, S. G. (Creator), Salter, B. (Creator), Oliveria, J. (Creator), Mitchell, P. (Creator), Nusca, G. (Creator), Howie, K. (Creator), Gauvreau, G. M. (Creator), O'Byrne, P. (Creator), Sehmi, R. (Creator), figshare , 29 Sep 2016


  5. Supplementary Material for: Acute Arteriovenous Access Failure: Long-Term Outcomes of Endovascular Salvage and Assessment of Co-Variates Affecting Patency

    Nikam, M. D. (Creator), Ritchie, J. (Creator), Jayanti, A. (Creator), Bernstein, O. A. (Creator), Ebah, L. (Creator), Brenchley, P. (Creator), Hutchison, A. (Creator), Chalmers, N. (Creator), Mitra, S. (Creator), figshare , 6 Mar 2015


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