1. Supplementary material from "Gas adsorption and structural diversity in a family of Cu(II) Pyridyl-isophthalate metal-organic framework materials"

    Gould, J. A. (Creator), Athwal, H. S. (Creator), Blake, A. J. (Creator), Lewis, W. (Creator), Hubberstey, P. (Creator), Champness, N. R. (Creator), Schroder, M. (Creator), figshare , 17 Nov 2016


  2. Supplementary Material for: Use of Online Conductivity Monitoring to Study Sodium Mass Balance in Chronic Haemodialysis Patients: Prospects for Treatment Individualisation

    Odudu, A. (Creator), Lambie, S. (Creator), Taal, M. W. (Creator), Fluck, R. J. (Creator), McIntyre, C. W. (Creator), figshare , 27 Jul 2011


  3. Supplementary Material for: Sun Protection Behavior in Organ Transplant Recipients in Queensland, Australia

    Iannacone, M. R. (Creator), Iannacone, M. R. (Creator), Pandeya, N. (Creator), Isbel, N. (Creator), Campbell, S. (Creator), Fawcett, J. (Creator), Soyer , H. P. (Creator), Ferguson, L. (Creator), Davis, M. (Creator), Whiteman, D. C. (Creator), Green, A. (Creator), figshare , 2017


  4. Supplementary Material for: Stromal-Derived Factor 1 Signalling Regulates Radial and Tangential Migration in the Developing Cerebral Cortex

    Jones, O. (Creator), Nadarajah, B. (Creator), Fujii, N. (Creator), Parnavelas, J. G. (Creator), Liapi, A. (Creator), Pritchett, J. (Creator), figshare , 13 Dec 2007


  5. Supplementary Material for: Specific Collaborative Group Intervention for Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms in General Practice: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

    Schaefert, R. (Creator), Kaufmann, C. (Creator), Wild, B. (Creator), Schellberg, D. (Creator), Boelter, R. (Creator), Faber, R. (Creator), Szecsenyi, J. (Creator), Sauer, N. (Creator), Guthrie, E. (Creator), Herzog, W. (Creator), figshare , 2017


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