1. Intermetallic Re phases form in ion irradiated WRe alloy

    Harrison, R. (Creator), Greaves, G. (Creator), Hinks, J. (Creator), Donnelly, S. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 2019


  2. A design of a fixed bed plasma DRIFTS cell for studying the NTP-assisted heterogeneously catalysed reactions

    Stere, C. (Creator), Chansai, S. (Creator), Gholami-Shahrestani, R. (Creator), Wangkawong, K. (Creator), Singhania, A. (Creator), Goguet, A. (Creator), Inceesungvorn, B. (Creator), Hardacre, C. (Creator), figshare , 31 Jan 2020


  3. Cantos Cautivos

    Chornik, K. (Creator), University of Manchester, 14 Jul 2015


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