1. Bio-butanol as fuel for direct alcohol fuel cells - investigation of sn modified pt catalyst for butanol electro-oxidation. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces

    Puthiyapura, V. K. (Contributor), Hardacre, C. (Contributor), Lin, W. F. (Contributor), Russell, A. (Contributor) & Brett, D. (Contributor), University of Manchester, 23 Oct 2017


  2. Effect of Mass Transport on the Electrochemical Oxidation of Alcohols over Electrodeposited film and Carbon- Supported Pt electrodes

    Puthiyapura, V. K. (Contributor), Lin, W. F. (Contributor), Russell, A. (Contributor), Brett, D. (Contributor) & Hardacre, C. (Contributor), University of Manchester, 30 Jan 2018


  3. Ultraclean pure shift NMR

    Morris, G. (Creator), Moutzouri, P. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator), Kiraly, P. (Creator), Foroozandeh, M. (Creator), Phillips, A. (Contributor), Coombes, S. (Contributor) & Chen, Y. (Contributor), University of Manchester, 7 Jun 2017


  4. Frequency Dispersion Compensation Method for TR Imaging using CWT

    Abduljabbar, A. M. (Creator) & Costen, F. (Creator), University of Manchester, 5 Dec 2016


  5. Exfoliation of natural van der Waals heterostructures to a single unit cell thickness

    Velicky, M. (Creator), Toth, P. (Creator), Rakowski, A. (Creator), Rooney, A. (Creator), Kozikov, A. (Creator), Woods, C. (Creator), Mischenko, A. (Creator), Fumagalli, L. (Creator), Yin, J. (Creator), Zolyomi, V. (Creator), Georgiou, T. (Creator), Haigh, S. (Creator), Dryfe, R. (Contributor) & Novoselov, K. (Contributor), University of Manchester, 6 Jan 2017


  6. Matrix-assisted DOSY perfluorooctanoate data

    Hernandez Cid, A. (Creator), Morris, G. (Creator), Adams, R. (Creator), Piekarska, M. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator) & Evans, R. (Creator), University of Manchester, 6 Jan 2017


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