1. Demo Concordancer Software: Concordance of the treatise On Simple Drugs by Galen of Pergamon (Books I (Chap. 1-10), VI, VII and VIII)

    Afif, N. (Creator), Kindt, B. (Creator), Naets, H. (Creator), Devis, C. (Creator), Université Catholique de Louvain, 2017


  2. A prototypical non-malignant epithelial model to study genome dynamics and concurrently monitor micro-RNAs and proteins in situ during oncogene-induced senescence

    Komseli, E. (Creator), Pateras, I. (Creator), Krejsgaard, T. (Creator), Stawiski, K. (Creator), Rizou, S. V. (Creator), Polyzos, A. (Creator), Roumelioti, F. (Creator), Chiourea, M. (Creator), Mourkioti, I. (Creator), Paparouna, E. (Creator), Zampetidis, C. P. (Creator), Gumeni, S. (Creator), Trougakos, I. (Creator), Pefani, D. (Creator), O'Neill, E. (Creator), Gagos, S. (Creator), Eliopoulos, A. (Creator), Fendler, W. (Creator), Chowdhury, D. (Creator), Bartek, J. (Creator), Gorgoulis, V. (Creator), figshare , 10 Jan 2018


  3. RGD adsorption on titania surfaces

    Thomas, A. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 2 Aug 2019


  4. BAMQL: a query language for extracting reads from BAM files

    Masella, A. P. (Creator), Lalansingh, C. M. (Creator), Sivasundaram, P. (Creator), Fraser, M. (Creator), Bristow, R. (Creator), Boutros, P. C. (Creator), figshare , 11 Aug 2016


  5. Common Workflow Language, v1.0

    Amstutz, P. (Creator), Crusoe, M. R. (Creator), Tijanić, N. (Creator), Chapman, B. (Creator), Chilton, J. (Creator), Heuer, M. (Creator), Kartashov, A. (Creator), Leehr, D. (Creator), Ménager, H. (Creator), Nedeljkovich, M. (Creator), Scales, M. (Creator), Soiland-Reyes, S. (Creator), Stojanovic, L. (Creator), figshare , 8 Jul 2016


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