1. Ultraclean pure shift NMR

    Morris, G. (Creator), Moutzouri, P. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator), Kiraly, P. (Creator), Foroozandeh, M. (Creator), University of Manchester, 7 Jun 2017


  2. Frequency Dispersion Compensation Method for TR Imaging using CWT

    Abduljabbar, A. M. (Creator), Costen, F. (Creator), University of Manchester, 5 Dec 2016


  3. Matrix-assisted DOSY perfluorooctanoate data

    Hernandez Cid, A. (Creator), Morris, G. (Creator), Adams, R. (Creator), Piekarska, M. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator), Evans, R. (Creator), University of Manchester, 6 Jan 2017


  4. 1H and 19F NMR in drug stress testing: the case of voriconazole

    Nilsson, M. (Creator), Morris, G. (Creator), University of Manchester, 30 Jun 2027


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