1. Improving the effectiveness of psychological interventions for depression and anxiety in the cardiac rehabilitation pathway using group-based metacognitive therapy (PATHWAY Group MCT): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

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  2. Pilot randomised controlled trial of the ENGAGER collaborative care intervention for prisoners with common mental health problems, near to and after release

    Lennox, C. (Creator), Kirkpatrick, T. (Creator), Taylor, R. S. (Creator), Todd, R. (Creator), Greenwood, C. (Creator), Haddad, M. (Creator), Stevenson, C. (Creator), Stewart, A. (Creator), Shenton, D. (Creator), Carroll, L. (Creator), Brand, S. (Creator), Quinn, C. (Creator), Anderson, R. (Creator), Maguire, M. (Creator), Harris, T. (Creator), Shaw, J. (Creator), Byng, R. (Creator), figshare , 7 Jul 2017


  3. Cambridge Centre for Business Research National Survey of Knowledge Exchange Activity by United Kingdom Academics, 2012-2015

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  4. Dysprosium phospholyl paper

    Evans, P. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 3 Oct 2019


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