PSYCHE 2DJ NMR experimental data, parameters and pulse sequence


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The detailed analysis of proton NMR spectra is typically limited by overlap between the multiplets for different chemical sites. The PSYCHE method for pure shift NMR, in which multiplets are collapsed to singlets, can circumvent this limitation by generating homonuclear 2D J spectra with full decoupling in one dimension and absorption mode multiplet structure in the other. Used in combination with two further swept-frequency pulses, to form a triple spin echo, this new experiment shows significant improvements in sensitivity, spectral purity, suppression of strong coupling artefacts, and tolerance to B1 field inhomogeneity and pulse miscalibration over previous methods. This deposit includes illustrative experimental results (obtained on a Bruker Avance II+ spectrometer), experimental parameters and pulse sequence.; Estradiol; Androstenedione;; Chirp pulse waveform files; Gradient pulse waveform files; Pulse sequence
Date made available17 Jun 2015
PublisherUniversity of Manchester