Inclusive measurement of diffractive deep inelastic ep scattering


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DESY-HERA. Measurement of the structure function F2(NAME=D3) in the deep inelastic scattering process e p --& gt; e X Y where X and Y are final hadronic statesseparated by the largest rapidity gap interval. The system Y is that which has rapidity closest to that of the incident proton and is selected to have mass & lt; 1.6 GeV. It is coded here as P. The variable X(NAME=POMERON) is defined as q.(P-PY)/q.P where q, P and PY are the 4-momenta respectively of the exchanged virtual boson, the incident proton and the subsystem Y. BETA is defined as X/X(NAME=POMERON). The data come from the 1994 running period corresponding to 1.96 pb-1 integrated luminosity.
Date made available4 Jan 1997

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