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Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics

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Eduardo is a statistician/econometrician who uses secondary data (as well as experiments) to understand the development human traits (particularly health and cognition), from childhood to the old age. His econometric and statistical skills are wide ranging, but the focus of his recent publications has been on causal inference and nonparametric methods (with Regression Discontinuity and Partial Identification occupying a significant amount of his recent work).  Much of his work can be framed within a school of thought emphasising that statistical and econometric modelling ought to rely on weak, credible and intelligible assumptions that allow data to speak for themselves. He has contributed, nonetheless, to the parametric literature. With Richard Hofler, he has proposed the Poisson Log-Half Normal distribution (a useful starting point for modelling under- or over-reported count data), and earlier on (2007) he developed the first Stochastic Frontiers models for discrete outcomes.

Eduardo’s applied work has covered health services in rural China, domestic abuse, the development of strategic sophistication in children, and the effect of early life experiences on adult outcomes. However, a significant amount of his work has been devoted to studying the effects of retirement on health, cognition and other outcomes. 

In recent times, Eduardo has began to pay more attention to experimental methods, having completed some initial work with economists, on the one hand, and evolutionary biologists on the other. This work looks at several aspects of strategic thinking and pro-social behaviour in children. 

Eduardo is an expert user of various statistical/scientific software (R, Stata, Julia, MatLab to name but a few). He is also an expert user of several general purpose programming languages (javaScript, PHP and Python in particular), having developed his own suite of experimental software for sequential and simultaneous games.

Eduardo has published his research in high impact international journals (such as the Journal of Political Economy, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Statistical Papers, Health Affairs, Health Economics or Journal of Productivity Analysis). You can see Eduardo's publications and some of his working also in his Google Scholar profile. 

Before joining Manchester, Eduardo was a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford (Blavatnik School of Government and Health Economics Research Centre) and a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Strathclyde. Eduardo completed a Ph.D. in Econometrics at the University of Manchester thanks to the support of Fundación Ramón Areces.



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