Miss Diana Osmolska

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Diana’s PhD research explores architects' use of intuition in site analysis. During site analysis, the feasibility of a proposed construction project is tested and options for building layout explored. Decisions made by architects during site analysis impact on the quality of the built environment. The study draws on Kahneman's concept of System 1 and System 2 thinking, in which the former is intuitive and efficient, and the latter is effortful and slow. The research utilises ethnographic observations, semi-structured interviews and implicit-association tests (IATs). The proposed study's findings could be useful in prompting architects to improve their working processes, particularly in situations where pressure on fees can prevent thoroughness in decision-making. The findings would also benefit architectural educators.

Project title: The Role of Intuition in Site Analysis

Supervisors: Dr. Alan Lewis and Dr. Christina Buse



  • Intuition, Site Analysis, Architecture

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2019 - Master of Architecture The Manchester School of Architecture
  • 2016 - Bachelor of Architecture The Manchester School of Architecture

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