Dr Dharman Jeyasingham

Lecturer in Social Work

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My research concerns the following matters:
Race and sexuality in social work.  I've examined conceptualisations of race and sexuality that are currently prevalent in UK social work and social work education.  This has involved reviews of recent research and literature on these topics, analysis of approaches to teaching race and sexuality in social work education and research about the way race operates in students' and lecturers' everyday experiences and practices.
Digital and material practices in contemporary children and families social work. My doctoral research concerned how children’s safeguarding social workers practise in and make sense of space and place, and I have since carried out research relating to agile working and its effects on social workers' practices and experiences of their work.  I currently lead the ESRC-funded project 'Becoming agile in local authority children's safeguarding social work services: examining organisational and individual change in public sector social work' (ES/T001097/1), an ethnographic study of social workers' practices, children's and families' experiences and views, and service leaders' expectations about digital engagement and the shift to more remote ways of working in social work.
Sexuality and public space. My work has explored different aspects of sexuality and pubilc toilets: as sites for sexual interactions, as places that have been redesigned in order to promote normative behaviours and as spaces of affective resonance and connection with past experiences.

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