Dr Cristina Masters

Lecturer in International Politics

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I joined the Department of Politics at Manchester in September 2006, prior to which I held a lectureship in the Department of Politics and a sessional lectureship in Women Studies at McMaster University in Canada. I completed my PhD at York University in Toronto, Canada, where I also received a MA Postgraduate Diploma in Security Studies. My teaching qualifications include: International Relations Theory, Women & Politics, and Political Theory. I am also a member of the BISA Gender and International Relations Working Group, and a member of the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies, and the International Studies Association.

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Current Phd Students

Sofia Doyle (2018-). Staff to Student Sexual Violence in the Academy: Everyday Insecurity, Everyday Resistance (ESRC Scholarship).

Jennifer Hobbs (2016-). What is the relationship between bodily fluids and practices of (in)security? (SoSS studentship).

Michanne Steenbergen (2015-). Empowerment, Marginalization & Post-Conflict Security Practices: Female Ex-Combatants in Nepal and Liberia (SoSS studentship).

Rahima Siddique (2015-). Masculinities and Radicalization: A Critical Inquiry into Gender, Violence and Extremism in the radicalization process(SoSS studentship)


Completed PhD

Robert William Palmer (2012-2017). Awarded A(i) Twenty-First Century Celebrations of the British Armed Forces: The Rise of the Biopolitical Military Professional (SoSS studentship).

Thomas Tyerman (2012-2016). Awarded A(i) Border struggles: segregation, migrant solidarity, and ethical politics in everyday life (ESRC studentship and Presidential Scholarship Award).

Rachel Massey. (2011-2015) Awarded B(i)Leaky Bodies’: Critical Reflections on contemporary framings of conflict based sexual violence in Congo (DRC) (ESCR studentship).

Susannah O’Sullivan (2010-2014). Awarded A(i) Space and time in liberal peace building and intervention (ESRC studentship).

Kathryn Starnes (2008-2015). Awarded A(i) Fairy Tales, Textbooks and Social Science: A folklorist reading of international relations introductory textbooks (thesis nominated for a BISA prize).

Linsay Cunningham-Cross. (2008-2013) Awarded A(ii) In search of a Chinese School: Ghostly encounters with the parochial/global discipline of international relations (ESRC studentship).

Julia Welland (2009-2013). Awarded A(ii) Masculinity and Violence in the British Military: Liberal Warriors and Haunted Soldiers (ESRC studentship).

Turki Alawi (2007-2013). Awarded B(iii) Saudi Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Secondary supervisor with Dr. Peter Lawler from September 2007, self-funded).

Gérman Prieto Corredor (2009-2013). Awarded A(ii) The Explanatory Role of Collective Identity and Regional Institutions in the Unfolding of the ANDEAN Community: Contributions and Limitations of a Constructivist Analysis.

Thomas Gregory (2007-2011). Awarded A(ii) Women and Agency in the War on Terror (SoSS studentship).

Pinkerton, Patrick, Awarded A(ii) Biopolitics, Temporality and the International Presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ESRC studentship).

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2008 - Doctor of Philosophy, Gender, Technology & War: Making Feminist Sense of Advanced Technology in War, York University

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