Dr Cristina Masters

Lecturer in International Politics

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I joined the Department of Politics at Manchester in September 2006, prior to which I held a lectureship in the Department of Politics and a sessional lectureship in Women Studies at McMaster University in Canada. I completed my PhD at York University in Toronto, Canada, where I also received a MA Postgraduate Diploma in Security Studies. My teaching qualifications include: International Relations Theory, Women & Politics, and Political Theory. I am also a member of the BISA Gender and International Relations Working Group, and a member of the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies, and the International Studies Association.

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Current Phd Students

Sofia Doyle (2018-). Staff to Student Sexual Violence in the Academy: Everyday Insecurity, Everyday Resistance (ESRC Scholarship).

Jennifer Hobbs (2016-). What is the relationship between bodily fluids and practices of (in)security? (SoSS studentship).

Michanne Steenbergen (2015-). Empowerment, Marginalization & Post-Conflict Security Practices: Female Ex-Combatants in Nepal and Liberia (SoSS studentship).

Rahima Siddique (2015-). Masculinities and Radicalization: A Critical Inquiry into Gender, Violence and Extremism in the radicalization process(SoSS studentship)


Completed PhD

Robert William Palmer (2012-2017). Awarded A(i) Twenty-First Century Celebrations of the British Armed Forces: The Rise of the Biopolitical Military Professional (SoSS studentship).

Thomas Tyerman (2012-2016). Awarded A(i) Border struggles: segregation, migrant solidarity, and ethical politics in everyday life (ESRC studentship and Presidential Scholarship Award).

Rachel Massey. (2011-2015) Awarded B(i)Leaky Bodies’: Critical Reflections on contemporary framings of conflict based sexual violence in Congo (DRC) (ESCR studentship).

Susannah O’Sullivan (2010-2014). Awarded A(i) Space and time in liberal peace building and intervention (ESRC studentship).

Kathryn Starnes (2008-2015). Awarded A(i) Fairy Tales, Textbooks and Social Science: A folklorist reading of international relations introductory textbooks (thesis nominated for a BISA prize).

Linsay Cunningham-Cross. (2008-2013) Awarded A(ii) In search of a Chinese School: Ghostly encounters with the parochial/global discipline of international relations (ESRC studentship).

Julia Welland (2009-2013). Awarded A(ii) Masculinity and Violence in the British Military: Liberal Warriors and Haunted Soldiers (ESRC studentship).

Turki Alawi (2007-2013). Awarded B(iii) Saudi Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Secondary supervisor with Dr. Peter Lawler from September 2007, self-funded).

Gérman Prieto Corredor (2009-2013). Awarded A(ii) The Explanatory Role of Collective Identity and Regional Institutions in the Unfolding of the ANDEAN Community: Contributions and Limitations of a Constructivist Analysis.

Thomas Gregory (2007-2011). Awarded A(ii) Women and Agency in the War on Terror (SoSS studentship).

Pinkerton, Patrick, Awarded A(ii) Biopolitics, Temporality and the International Presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ESRC studentship).

Areas of expertise

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2008 - Doctor of Philosophy, Gender, Technology & War: Making Feminist Sense of Advanced Technology in War, York University

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