Miss Claudia Lorena Compean Gonzalez

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My research focuses on surface modification and characterization of semiconductor materials used in environmental and energy applications. This involves the use of surface characterization and surface science techniques to correlate the bonding strengths of conjugated molecules to different oxide materials to their charge injection rates. In addition, we also look at different techniques for depositing polymers and investigating the effect of linker molecules and specific functional groups to control the interaction between Oxides, conductive polymers, and Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCOs).

Besides academic research, I'm also involved in outreach activities that promote Science, Innovation, Sustainability, and Gender Equity.

Areas of expertise

  • Q Science (General) - Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Energy, Surface Science, Electron Microscopy, XPS

Research Networks and Beacons


  • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, XPS

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