Prof Christopher Grant BSc, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry

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I obtained a B.Sc. in Biochemistry (1986) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry (1990) from the University of Kent (UK). I first studied the control and fidelity of protein synthesis in yeast as a graduate student under the supervision of Professor Mick Tuite (Kent, 1986-1990) and then as a Postdoc with Dr Alan Hinnebusch at NIH (Bethesda, USA, 1990-1994). My research into the responses of eukaryotic cells to oxidative stress conditions started whilst I was a Research Fellow in the laboratory of Professor Ian Dawes at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, 1994-1999). Since starting my own group at Manchester (1999), my research has been aimed at understanding the responses of eukaryotic cells to stress conditions, with a particular focus on oxidative stress.



  • Yeast, protein synthesis, prion, Protein aggregation, redox biology, stress responses

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