Prof Chris Dickinson BSc, PhD, PGCertHE


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My major interest is in low vision, which is the uncorrectable visual impairment which results when eye disease cannot be treated by medical or surgical methods. These include poor visual acuity (inability to see fine detail) and the loss of visual field (vision obscured in the centre, or in the periphery, by a missing area of the visual field). In particular I am interested in the different ways in which these individuals can be helped in their everyday life. I investigate the characteristics of the different tasks which they find difficult, such as reading, driving, and following conversations; in the optical and electronic aids which can be used to help; in different exercises and training programmes which can be used; in the psychological consequences and whether individuals can be taught how to cope with their impairment.


I am a qualified optometrist, and a Life Fellow of the College of Optometrists

I hold a Research Passport and am an Honorary Consultant Optometrist with the Manchester University NHS Trust

I was a member of the Secretary of State’s Advisory Panel on Vision and Driving from 2004-2014.

I was Editor-in-Chief of Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics from 1999-2010, and I am Associate Editor of Translational Vision Science and Technology from 2018.

I am currently a member of the Grant Assesment Panel for "Fight for Sight".

I am Director of Research of the Euroean Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ESLRR)


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