Miss Charlotte Brown

Research Associate

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Current research project: Investigating the variation in spatial risk of overheating in buildings under future climates.



Charlotte is a PhD researcher at the University of Manchester. Her research focuses on the Urban Heat Island in Manchester and mitigating its negative impacts on both health and electricity demand. She is supervised by both Sarah Mander and Ruth Wood. She is firstly, investigating how geospatial analysis techniques can further our understanding of the spatial variation of temperature across a city. The resulting data will then be used to analyse how risks of overheating in the future given the impacts of the Urban Heat Island and future climate change. This will be done by mapping characteristics of buildings which make them prone to overheating and identifying areas where high risk buildings overlap with high temperatures across the city. Her research is based in the Tyndall Centre for Climate change, and is part of the multi-displinary CDT in power networks and funded by EPSRC, which aims to tackle future challenges posed to the electricity grid.


Charlotte graduated from the University of York in 2016 with integrated masters in Environmental Geography. Her masters project involved work on fast moving ice ‘ice streams’ in Antarctica, using GIS to map surface features in order to investigate mechanisms beneath the ice.

Education / academic qualifications

  • Master of Environmental Science, Environmental Geography

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