Ms Cecilia Alda-Vidal

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Cecilia’s research interests include three main themes: urban infrastructures, everyday life, and urban-socio ecological inequalities. Her work explores urban water and sanitation infrastructures in global South contexts through a focus on the lived experiences of those who deal with them on day to day basis (from users, to infrastructure workers, to service providers). Her research reveals how social relations, infrastructural imaginaries, cultural meanings, and embodied experiences shape (differentiated) everyday infrastructural practices and the micropolitics of service provision. More recently she has engaged in interdisciplinary projects examining everyday domestic practices in the UK in relation to different service provision and environmental challenges. In these projects she brings relevant insights from researching urban infrastructures in the global South to understand everyday infrastructure interactions in other contexts. In her work she engages with a range of theories including everyday urbanisms, feminist and situated urban political ecologies, social practices and science and technology studies.

Cecilia holds a MSc in Water Management (UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education), an MA in International Development and Cooperation (University of Granada), and a BSc in Environmental Sciences (URJC). Prior to commencing her PhD she has worked and conducted research in different water and sanitation projects in development contexts. 

Supervisors: Dr. Alison Browne and Dr. Deljana Iossifova


  • everyday practices , urban infrastructures, urban water and sanitation, global South and everyday urbanism, feminisms, urban political ecology

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