Dr Bernard Treves Brown


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My research focuses on developing new instrumentation for liquids.
I am particularly interested in microfluidics: new applications, but particularly new ways of making devices.
The fabrication methods I have available include: precision milling, soft lithography, injection moulding, and laser cutting.
Past projects have included:
  • Microfluidic filters for stem cells
  • Cycling a train of microdrops containing single cells for extended studies of the cell cycle
  • High voltage control and precision capacitance sensing for droplets in microfluidics
  • Model-driven design of ducts for ultrasonic filters (concentrating microalgae for biofuels)
  • assessment of rectal sphincter control
  • flow measurements for testing new types of stent to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms
  • an FPGA-based cross-correlator for highly parallel particle counting
Working with collaborators around the university, currently I am working on
  • arrays of fibre optic sensors (temperature, turbidity, chemical species)
  • applying microfluidic production methods to skin scaffolds for treatment of burns
  • microfluidics for spinning fibres
  • microfluidic rheometry
  • Improving the speed of Time-of-Flight Seconary-Ion Mass Spectrometry (co-investigator EP/N028945/1)

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Education / academic qualifications

  • 1995 - Doctor of Philosophy, Instrumentation for Miniaturized Flow Systems, UMIST/University of Manchester (1990 - 1995)
  • Bachelor of Arts Oxford University (1986 - 1990)

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