Dr Barbara Hall

Research Associate

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After completing my Master's degree in Physical Education in Poland I moved to the UK where I started working as a supply P.E. teacher and a ski instructor. In 2011, I began studying for a PhD in Exercise and Sport Science, which I completed with distinction four years after. My PhD thesis was concerned with metabolic response to a single physical exercise of different intensity performed in normobaric hypoxia in patients with Type 1 diabetes. I also have a high interest and research experience in Nutrition and Biochemistry. I organised and conducted research into nutritional status of English and Polish adolescents. I was involved in the study into the effects of endurance training on the risk of developing asthma in elite cross-country skiers, and the impact of physical activity on the quality of life of those suffering from sarcoidosis.

At present, I am working as a post-doctoral research associate on the study into patterns and prevalence of adult food allergy in a UK population. The study is funded by the Food Standards Agency and is of great significance for the public.

In the future, I would like to study the effectiveness of a healthy diet and physical activity on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, obesity and cancer. I would especially like to evaluate the impact of a healthy lifestyle on the human microbiome and health. 


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