Dr Arthur Broadbent

Research Associate

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Arthur is interested in plant-soil interactions, biogeochemical cycles and their responses to global change. He is based in the soil and ecosystem ecology lab, where his current post-doc focuses on the seasonal dynamics of C- and N-cycling in alpine grasslands, and their responses to climate change and shrub encroachment. This involves interrogating soil microbial community composition and functioning, using PLFA, 16S, ITS, metagenomic and metatransciptomic sequencing techniques, along with soil enzyme assays, stable isotope tracing and ecosystem nutrient analyses. To do this, he collaborates with researchers at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK), Innsbruck University (Austria) and the Helmholtz Centre (Germany). Before coming to Manchester, he completed his PhD at Lancaster University, which focussed on nutrient cycling and plant invasions in grasslands. It involved collaborations with researchers at Landcare Research (NZ), the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) and the Nutrient Network.

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