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Until February 2019 I worked in the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Manchester where I was responsible for the line management of research and administrative staff, resource and financial planning on research projects and managing all staff recruitment and contract renewals.  I also contributed to the writing and costing of research applications, including Manchester’s successful third renewal of the NIHR School For Social Care Research (2019-2024) which was written by myself and colleagues - Professor David Challis, Dr Jane Hughes, Dr Mark Wilberforce, Sue Tucker and Dr Helen Chester.  

In the Unit I developed and designed all the publicity materials including: research focus, expert briefings, project outlines and reports and worked with IT Services to design websites.  

My contribution to research has included working on an RfPB project which looked at the perceptions of Dementia held by people from the South Asian Community (SAVE-D) and various studies on the assessment of older people in care homes.

My work on assessment tools has included: adapting the US Minimum data Set/Resident Assessment Instrument (MDS/RAI) for use in UK Care Homes; a study of the assessment tools used in care homes which explored the relationship between the quality of these and a standard measure of quality developed from regulatory documentation; and work on a comparison of two standard assessment tools used in care homes.

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Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains


  • Social Care, Assessment, Care Homes, Older People, Mental Health and Dementia, Dementia Illness Representations

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