Mr Aneurin Merrill-Glover

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I'm an early modernist in the third-year of an environmental history PhD at the University of Manchester, in partnership with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. My thesis, 'Mosslands in early-modern Lancashire 1500-1800', deals with the unique and neglected wetland landscapes of the northwest of England. I'm interested in the reciprocal relationship between mossland communities and the landscapes which sustained them.  The mosslands provide a unique theatre to understand how environments and social structures interact. Many of the mosslands of Lancashire were held in common, meaning that locals retained the right to use the land for certain purposes, despite it nominally belonging to the Lord of the Manor. I'm especially interested in the way this practice of commoning shaped and was shaped by the mossland environment.

I can be found on Twitter, @AMerrillGlover, and I discuss my work on this episode of NSFP, the official Humanities podcast: Finally this YouTube video produced with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust might be of some small interest: 

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I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with an upper-second in History and Politics in 2017, before moving onto the University of Manchester to pursue an MA. I graduated with Distinction from my Master's in 2018. I then worked as an administrator in Psychology at the University of Manchester, before beginning my doctoral studies in September 2019. My PhD is supervised by Professor Sasha Handley of the University of Manchester, Dr John Morgan of the University of Bristol, and Mike Longden of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

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