Mr Andrew Hall BA(Hons), MEd, F.H.E.A.

Snr Lecturer in Educational Technology

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Andrew Hall is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Technologies and Academic Lead for eLearning in the School of Health Sciences, University of Manchester. Andrew’s research activity includes national and international collaborations on the use of web and mobile technologies in health and social care education and practice. Andrew’s research focuses on the use of web and mobile technologies as complex interventions to aid self and shared management of long term conditions. As Director of Online Education in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work at the University of Manchester, Andrew developed the role of technology in health and social care education across undergraduate and graduate programmes and is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.  Andrew has presented and published widely in the field of web and mobile technologies in health and social care education and practice. 


1992 BA(Hons) Sociology. University of Greenwich

1996 Cert Ed. Stockport College

2005 MEd Communication, Education and Technology. University of Manchester 

Memberships of committees and professional bodies

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Academic Lead for eLearning - School of Health Sciences, University of Manchester

Member: eLearning Governance Committee - Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health, University of Manchester

Member: Manchester Distance Learning Network, University of Manchester

Member: Association of Learning Technologies Northwest Special Interest Group

Member: ESRC/NIHR funded Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study Technology Steering Group

Member: Greater Manchester Social Work Academy Teaching Parttnership: Workforce Development Work Stream

Member: Greater Manchester Social Work Academy Teaching Parttnership: Admissions Work Stream

Member Publication Committee: International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies in Education 

Member Scientific Committee: International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies in Education 

Member: Programme Committee: mLearn - World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning

Further information

Recent Departmental Papers

Hall, A; Norton, G; Struthers M; Logan, J; Young, A; (2014) The Use of Mobile Technologies in Social Work Education and Practice

 Academic Papers;

  • Nightingale R, Hall A, Gelder C, Friedl S, Brennan E, Swallow V. (2017) Desirable Components for a Customized, Home-Based, Digital Care-Management App for Children and Young People With Long-Term, Chronic Conditions: A Qualitative Exploration. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2017; 19 (7)
  • Majeed-Ariss R, Baildam E, Campbell M, Chieng A, Fallon D, Hall A, McDonagh JE, Stones SR, Thomson W, Swallow V. (2015) Apps and adolescents: A systematic review of adolescents' use of mobile phone and tablet apps that support personal management of their chronic or long-term physical conditions. Journal of Medical Internet Research  17 (12)
  • Majeed, R., Hall, A., McDonagh, J., Fallon, D. & Swallow, V. (2015). Mobile Phone and Tablet Apps to Support Young People’s Management of Their Physical Long-Term Conditions: A Systematic Review Protocol. Journal of Medical Internet Research Protocols 4(2) DOI: 10.2196/resprot.4159
  • Swallow VM, Knafl K, Santacroce S, Campbell M, Hall AG, Smith T, Carolan I (2014) An Interactive Health Communication Application for Supporting Parents Managing Childhood Long-Term Conditions: Outcomes of a Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial JMIR Res Protoc 2014;3(4):e69 DOI: 10.2196/resprot.3716 PMID: 25472567
  • Swallow VM; Knafl K; Santacroce S; Campbell M; Hall AG; Smith T; Carolan I. An interactive health communication application for supporting parents managing childhood long-term conditions: outcomes of a randomized controlled feasibility trial. JMIR Research Protocols. 2014; 3 (4):-.

DOI disc logo 10.2196/resprot.3716

  • Carolan I; Smith T; Hall A; Swallow VM. Emerging communities of child-healthcare practice in the management of long-term conditions such as chronic kidney disease: Qualitative study of parents' accounts. BMC Health Services Research. 2014; 14 (1):-.

DOI disc logo 10.1186/1472-6963-14-292

  • Swallow V, Carolan H, Hall A, Webb N, Smith T, Knafl K, Santacroce S, Harper-Jones M (2014) A novel Interactive Health Communication Application (IHCA) for parents of children with long-term conditions: Development, implementation and feasibility assessment. Informatics for Health and Social Care 2014, pp 1-27 Posted online on August 13, 2014. (doi:10.3109/17538157.2014.948174)
  • Swallow V, Hall A, Carolan I, Santacroce S, Webb NJ, Smith T, et al. (2014) Designing a web-application to support parents’ home-based care of childhood CKD: Qualitative study of family and professional requirements. BMC Nephrology.15(34). DOI:
  • Hall, A., Zentgraf, C. (2010). Virtual Learning Environments Through a Different Lens: Potentials of the Intermediate Space. Campus Wide Information Systems, 27(3),
  • Hall, A; Zentgraf, C (2009) Intermediate Space. Conceptualising potentials for technologically enhanced learning in educational organisations. In: Research, Reflections and Innovations in Integrating ICT in Education. Edited by A. Méndez-Vilas, A. Solano Martín, J.A. Mesa González and J. Mesa González(coll.), Badajoz, Spanien: Formatex. ISBN 978-84-692-1788-7
  •  Wakefield AB, Carlisle C, Hall A, Attree MJ. (2009). Patient safety investigations: the need for interprofessional learning. Learning in Health & Social Care, 8 (1), 22-32
  • C; Poschen, Meik Daw, M; Proctor, R; Hall, A; Slack, R; Turner, M; Jones, M; Poschen, M; Rogers, N; Williams, (2008) User-centred development of a Virtual Research Environment to support Collaborative Research Events, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on e-Social Science.
  • Wakefield A, Carlisle C, Hall A, Attree M (2008) The expectations and experiences of blended learning approaches to patient safety education Nurse Education in Practice 8 (1):  54-61.
  • Campbell, M; Gibson, W; Hall, A; Richards, D; Callery, P; (2008) Comparison of the effectiveness of online and face to face learning in a postgraduate research methods course: an observational study, International Journal Of Nursing Studies 45(5)
  • Gibson, W; Hall, A; Campbell, M; Richards, D; Callery, P; (2006) Topicality and the structure of interactive talk in face-to-face seminar discussions: British Educational Research Journal Volume 32, Number 1
  • Gibson, W; Hall, A; Campbell, M; Richards, D; Callery, P; (2005) The Digital Revolution in Qualitative Research: Working with Digital Audio Data through Atlas’s', Sociological Research Online 10 (1) 

Selected Invitations 

  • Hall, A (2018) Co-producing, evaluating and implementing information and support interventions for people living with long-term conditions, SHED Talks University of Leeds
  • Hall, A (2013) Educational Consultant, School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (not accepted)
  • Hall, A (2012) Keynote Speaker: E-learning practices applied to health promotion and sustainability. IPleira International Congress on Health, Portugal
  • Hall, A (2009) Developing on-line PGR provision, University of York
  • Hall, A; (2008) JISC Time-based Media Application Profile Project
  • Hall, A; (2008) Developing a Strategy for On-line Learning, University of Nottingham
  • Hall, A (2008) IP elearning, Yorkshire and Humber SHA
  • Hall, A, Grande, G; (2007) On-line PhD and Virtual Research Environments, UK Grad. Its all in the Blend Conference
  • Hall, A; Gibson, W; (2006) Technology and Collaborative Qualitative Research, ESRC National Centre for e-Social Science, Third International Conference on e-Social Science
  • Hall, A; Ryan, J; (2005) Use of audio video conferencing over IP in Higher Education, Teaching Research and Development Network, University of Manchester
  • Hall, A; (2005) A Model for On-line Enquiry-Based Learning; CETL(Enquiry Based Learning), University of Manchester
  • Hall, A; (2005) Developing an E-Learning Strategy; Center for Pedagogical Research and Development, Faculty of MHS, University of Manchester
  • Hall A; Hannity, B; Gardner, A (2004) Hitting 25%: Partnership, collaboration and e-learning; Teaching Research and Development Network, University of Manchester TRDN
  • Love, K.; Hall, A; (2004) Security Bytes, International symposium on Security and Technology, University of Lancaster
  • Hall A; Campbell, M (2004) Methodological and Empirical Findings from a Comparative Study in Blended Learning, HEFCE E-Learning Research Centre Seminar Series
  • Hall, A; (2004) Streaming in a low bandwidth environment: The use of streaming technologies in Education. Streaming Seminar - Bandwidth Management Advisory Services (UKERNA)

 Selected Conference Papers 

  • Hall, A; Norton, G; (2017) How does the use of mobile technologies impact on the educational experiences of post graduate students? HEA Annual Conference, Manchester, UK.
  • Hall, A; Norton, G; (2016) Does the use of mobile technologies improve the learning experience of post-graduate social work students. Association of Learning Technologies Annual Conference, Warwick, UK.
  • Majeed-Ariss, R; M;Fallon, D; Swallow, V; Hall, A, McDonagh, J; Stone, S; (2015) Health theory in mobile technology apps supporting young people’s long-term condition/s management: a systematic review. 29th Conference of the European Society of health Psychology, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Stone.S; Majeed-Ariss, R; Hall, A; Swallow, V; (2015)  Involvement of Children and Young People with Long-Term Conditions in the Development of Mobile APP Technology to Promote Disease Self-Management
  • Simon, S; Majeed-Ariss, R; Hall, A; Thomson,W; Foster, H; Baildam, E; McDonagh, J; Douglas, S; Fallon, D; Chieng, A; Swallow, V; (2014) Developing mobile applications for and with young people with long-term conditions learning to share their health-care with professionals: A young person and family-led approach. 9th Biennial INVOLVE Conference, Birmingham, UK.
  • Hall, A; Logan, J;Struthers, M; Norton, G (2013) Using iPads in Social Work Education. Presented at Innovation in Health & Social Care Learning and Teaching: HEA Health & Social Care 2013 Annual Conference. Leeds
  • Hall, A; Steen, C. (2013). Virtual Care Simulator (VCS) – Acute Illness Recognition PreventiOn Reporting and Treatment (AIRPoRT). Presented at Innovation in Health & Social Care Learning and Teaching: HEA Health & Social Care 2013 Annual Conference. Leeds
  • Swallow, V; Hall.A; Smith,T; Carolan,I (2013) Developing the Online Parent Information and Support (OPIS) application: Meeting Parents Information and Support Needs for Home-based Management of Long-term, Childhood Kidney Conditions, 11th International Family Nursing Conference, Minneapolis.
  • Hall, A; Zentgraf, C (2009) InterACTEd: an interactive annotation and collaboration tool for time based media. EDEN, Poland
  • Daw, M; Procter, R; Hall, A; Slack, R (2007) Enhancing the Value of Collaborative Research Events through Virtual Research Environments, UK e-Science  All Hands, Nottingham, UK
  • Gardner, A; Shaw, L; Hall, A (2007) Coming  Together: Institutional Collaboration and Multi Professional E-learning, 5th Annual WebCT European Conference, Nice
  • Motteram, G; Armellini , A; McLachlan , A; Hall, A (2006) “Synchronous Online Tools and Their Uses in Language Teaching and Language Teacher Education” PacCALL, Nanjing, China
  • Gibson, W; Hall, A (2006) Reading Between the onlines: discourse analysis of an asynchronous reading group International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Hall, A; Gibson, W; (2006) Video and rich media and the relationship between teaching and research, DIVERSE, GlasgowUniversity
  • Hall, A Gibson W. (2006) Getting Down to Business: characteristics of interaction in asynchronous environments and the implications for teacher training, Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu
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  • Callery, P; Hall, A (2003) Bringing researchers to learners: a workshop on innovative use of information technology in education, Royal College of Nursing Research Society International Conference, UMIST. 


  • Joint Lead with Swallow, V (2015) - University of Manchester UMRI Pump Priming Award January (£14,500) Fostering an interdisciplinary research programme on mobile technologies for young people with long term conditions to promote optimum disease management., Swallow V, Hall A, McDonagh J, Foster H, Baildam E, Davies S, Stone S, Wiley R
  • Lead(2007) - Hall, A; Hannity, B; Gardner, A (2006) Evaluating the Impact of On-line Education in Developing Independent Learning Skills, £3,500 awarded by HEA Learn Higher.
  • Lead (2006) - Hall, A; Callery, P; Deaton, C; (2006 - ) Developing an on-line PhD, £59,000 awarded by The  Faculty of Medical and Human  Sciences HEFEC fund competition
  • Lead (2005) - Hall, A; Playle, J; Medforth, S; (2005 - ) Pan Manchester on-line Mentors Training, £20,000 awarded by Greater Manchester Strategic Health Authority
  • Lead (2005) - Hall, A; Motteram G; (2005 -07)  The Use of Desktop Conferencing to Support Student Learning, £15000 awarded by the University of Manchester Distributed Learning Fund competition
  • Lead (2005) - Hall, A; Gibson, W; (2005 - 06) The Distributed Institution: media rich learning objects and the creation of a ‘sense of place’ in online learning, £5400 awarded by SNMSW Research Pump Priming competition
  • Lead (2003) - Hall, A; Butler, S; Burrow, C. (2003 - 04) A Standards Framework for Distributed Learning, £23000 awarded by University of Manchester Distributed Learning Fund competition


  • Co-applicant (2016) - Children and young people with CKD: a qualitative study of their views on desirable components for a developmentally appropriate, CKD-specific information and support software application £22833 The Kidney Patient Research Partnership (02/16) 7 months (PI: Veronica Swallow)
  • Collaborator (2015) - National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)/Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Grant (£5 million) (Jan 2014 – Jan 2019) Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study (PI: John Keady)
  • Co-applicant (2015) - CMFT/MIMIT Clinical Need Award 2014/15, £35,000 April 2015 to Jan 2016 - Mobile Technologies for Children and young people aged 8-15 years with severe allergic eye disease,  Sharma V, Swallow, V, Hall, A, Biswas S. (PI: Sharma V)
  • Co-applicant (2014) - NIHR Musculoskeletal BRU Small Grant, £4000. The views of 11-24 year olds with JIA and healthy peers on actual and potential use of health-related mobile applications: a qualitative study and survey, Swallow V, Stones S Hall A & Majeed R (PI: Veronica Swallow)
  • Co-applicant (2011) - National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) Grant (£239,925) (Sept 2011–Dec 2014). The OPIS (On-line Parent Information and Support) project: Meeting mothers' and fathers' information and support needs for home-based management of childhood chronic kidney disease, Swallow V, Webb N, Hall A, Knafl K, Smith T, Campbell M, Smith T, Santacroce S. (PI: Veronica Swallow)
  • Co-applicant (2009) - The Potential for e-Ink Technologies in Education £2000 plus £2000 extension awarded by JISC TechDis (PI: Liversidge, T)
  • Co-applicant (2007) - Daw, M; Rogers, N; Procter, R; Hall, A; Williams, C (2007) Collaborative Research Events Pilot for National & Institutional VRE's, £521,681.00 awarded by the UK Joint Information and Systems Council (PI: Daw, M)
  • Co-applicant (2007) - Carlisle, C; Hall, A; Hunter, A (2007) Development of multimedia on-line student assessment for undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes, £25,000 awarded by The UoM Strategic Development Fund (PI: Carlisle, C)
  • Co-applicant (2004) - Carlisle, C; Hall, A; Wakefield, A; Attree, M; (2004 - 05) A Blended Approach to Patient Safety Education, Training & Development, £19,920 awarded by Cumbria & Lancashire NHS Strategic Health Authority (PI: Carlisle, C)
  • Co-applicant (2004) - Heller, W; Hall, A; Sanders, J; Lyte, V. (2004 - 06) Realising the potential for E-learning in health and social care education,  £30,000 award by the North West Workforce Agency (PI: Heller, W)
  • Co-applicant (2003) - Waterman, H; Callery, P; Hall, A; Shaw M (2003 – 2005) Developing and Evaluating On-line Clinical Education in Glaucoma, £100,000 awarded by the IGA (PI: Waterman, H)
  • Co-applicant (2002) - Callery, P; Hall, A; (2002 - 04) Nurses learning about research: a comparison of face to face online interactions in postgraduate education, £50,000 awarded by The General Nursing Council (PI: Callery, P)

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