Miss Alice Naisbitt

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I am a first year PhD Student at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health (FBMH). Funded by an ESRC CASE Studentsthip.  My primary supervisor is Simone Turchetti (CHSTM) and my co-supervisor is Kieron Flanagan (AMBS/MIOIR).

My project title is: A UK Backchannel?: A Science Diplomacy History of the British Council in the Twentieth Century. The project investigates the science intiatives and programmes of the British Council during the twentieth century to analyse the Council's impact on international science, Cold-War era international relations and British foreign affairs. Using a science diplomacy framework to evaluate whether the Council utilised their science initatives as a form of alternative or 'backchannel' diplomacy.

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2020 - Master of Arts, History , University of Nottingham (2019 - 2020)
  • 2019 - Bachelor of Arts, (Joint Honours) History and Politics, University of Nottingham (2016 - 2019)