Dr Eduardo Alejandro Martinez Cesena

Academic Fellow

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Dr. Eduardo Alejandro Martínez Ceseña is an Academic Fellow in Multi-energy Systems in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester, UK. He received the BEng degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (Mexico) in 2004, the MSc degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia (Mexico) in 2008 and the PhD degree from the University of Manchester in 2012, all in electrical engineering.

Dr. Martínez Ceseña has co-authored over 40 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences and a book chapter, and participated in several European and UK research projects including APS (EPSRC), C2C (LNCF), Smart Street (LCNF), ADDRESS (FP6), COOPERaTE (FP7), DIMMER (FP7) and DAMS 2.0 (H2020); specifically, in work streams related to the integration of smart and flexible network solutions, economic and financial assessment, and business models for electricity and multi-energy systems. His research interests include power systems economics, planning and design of generation systems based on renewable energies, distribution network reinforcement planning in the light of demand response, storage and other smart solutions, multi-energy system analysis, optimisation techniques, and Real Options theory, among others.

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